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  • Elizabeth Cipriani

100+ SEO Keywords for Wedding Vendors

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of any good marketing strategy, especially for wedding vendors. Most couples find their wedding vendors online, and there's no better way to become visible to potential clients than by getting on the first page of Google. That being said, SEO can feel super overwhelming if it's not your specialty, but not everyone has money to put towards outsourcing an SEO strategy. If you're looking for some tips on how to DIY your SEO as a wedding vendor, this list of keywords is a great place to start!

SEO for Wedding Vendors

Customizing Your SEO Keywords

You can spend days searching for the keywords with the highest search volume, but at the end of the day, the most important part of your keywords is that they accurately reflect the content and service you provide. For that reason, most of my keywords on this list will require you to customize them based on your location. I've left spaces such as [city] and [state] where you will go in and insert the information that is accurate for your business.

TIP: Don't just focus on the major city closest to you. For example, if you're a Baltimore wedding vendor, try using keywords like Frederick Wedding Photographer or Annapolis Wedding Photographer if those are also in your geographic range. Smaller cities will have less competition and therefore you'll be able to rank higher more quickly!



1. [city] wedding photographers

2. [state] wedding photographers

3. [state abbreviation] wedding photographers

4. [city] elopement photographers

5. [state] elopement photographers

6. [state abbreviation] elopement photographers

7. [city] engagement photographers

8. [state] engagement photographers

9. [state abbreviation] engagement photographers

10. [city] proposal photographers

11. [state] proposal photographers

12. [state abbreviation] proposal photographers

13. wedding photos from [venue]

14. engagement photos from [location]

15. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding photographer in [city]

16. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding photographer in [state]

17. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding photographer in [state abbreviation]

18. Engagement photo poses

19. Best wedding photographer near [city]

20. Best wedding photographer in [state]

21. Best wedding photographer in [state abbreviation]

22. Film wedding photographer near [city]

23. [State] film wedding photographer

24. [State abbreviation] film wedding photographer

25. Light and airy wedding photographer near [city]

26. [State] light and airy wedding photographer

27. [State abbreviation] light and airy wedding photographer

28. Moody wedding photographer near [city]

29. [State] moody wedding photographer

30. [State abbreviation] moody wedding photographer

31. Where to take engagement photos near [city]

32. Where to take engagement photos in [state]

33. Where to take engagement photos in [state abbreviation]

Planners & Coordinators

34. [City] wedding planners

35. [State] wedding planners

36. [State abbreviation] wedding planners

37. [City] wedding coordinators

38. [State] wedding coordinators

39. [State abbreviation] wedding coordinators

40. [City] day-of coordinator

41. [State] day-of coordinator

42. [State abbreviation] day-of coordinator

43. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding planner in [city]

44. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding planner in [state]

45. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding planner in [state abbreviation]

46. Best wedding planner near [city]

47. Best wedding planner in [state]

48. Best wedding planner in [state abbreviation]

49. Affordable wedding planner near [city]

50. Affordable wedding planners in [state]

51. Affordable wedding planner in [state abbreviation]

52. Affordable day-of coordinator near [city]

53. Affordable day-of coordinator in [state]

54. Affordable day-of coordinator in [state abbreviation]

55. Luxury wedding planner near [city]

56. Luxury wedding planner in [state]

57. Luxury wedding planner in [state abbreviation]

58. Partial wedding planning in [city]

59. Partial wedding planning in [state]

60. Partial wedding planning in [state abbreviation]

61. Wedding planner [venue]

62. Wedding coordinator [venue]

63. Who takes down decorations after a wedding?

64. Who sets up decorations at a wedding?

65. Wedding planner vs venue coordinator

66. Wedding coordinator vs venue coordinator


67. [city] wedding DJ

68. [state] wedding DJ

69. [state abbreviation] wedding DJ

70. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding DJ in [city]

71. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding DJ in [state]

72. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding DJ in [state abbreviation]

73. Affordable wedding DJ near [city]

74. Affordable wedding DJ in [state]

75. Affordable wedding DJ in [state abbreviation]

76. Best wedding DJ near [city]

77. Best wedding DJ in [state]

78. Best wedding DJ in [state abbreviation]

79. Wedding DJ [venue]

80. Bilingual wedding DJ near [city]

81. Bilingual wedding DJ in [state]

82. Bilingual wedding DJ in [state abbreviation]

83. Spanish speaking wedding DJ near [city]

84. Spanish speaking wedding DJ in [state]

85. Spanish speaking wedding DJ in [state abbreviation]

86. Best wedding songs 2023

87. What is the difference between DJ and emcee?

88. Do I need a wedding DJ?


89. Rustic wedding venue in [state]

90. Rustic wedding venue in [state abbreviation

91. Rustic wedding venue near [city]

92. Industrial wedding venue in [state]

93. Industrial wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

94. Industrial wedding venue near [city]

95. Modern wedding venue in [state]

96. Modern wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

97. Modern wedding venue near [city]

98. Best wedding venues in [state]

99. Best wedding venues in [state abbreviation]

100. Best wedding venues in [city]

101. All inclusive wedding venues in [state]

102. All inclusive wedding venues in [state abbreviation]

103. All inclusive wedding venues in [city]

104. Small wedding venue in [state]

105. Small wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

106. Small wedding venue in [city]

107. Large wedding venue in [state]

108. Large wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

109. Large wedding venue in [city]

110. Waterfront wedding venue in [state]

111. Waterfront wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

112. Waterfront wedding venue near [city]

113. Outdoor wedding venue in [state]

114. Outdoor wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

115. Outdoor wedding venue near [city]

116. Wedding venues near [airport]

117. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venue near [city]

118. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venue in [state]

119. LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venue in [state abbreviation]

Every wedding vendor should make their website SEO a priority, and good SEO starts with targeting the right keywords. If SEO still feels overwhelming to you and you need someone to help you kickstart your journey, I'd love to help out!

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